1 Caroline Street ★ Saratoga Springs NY ★ 518.285.0129

July 2022.


By WGNA There is a new place to hang out in Saratoga Springs with an alternative vibe and everyone is welcome. It's a unique bar downtown on Caroline Street. The Misfit is a Different Kind of Bar in the Downtown Scene The new bar in downtown Saratoga is called The Misfit. It is located at 1 Caroline Street where The Cellar used to be. The Misfit has a different kind of feel in the Caroline Street bar scene. It's described as an underground bar and cocktail lounge with alternative music as the backdrop. What is The Misfit Like Inside? There is always alternative music from the 80s through today with artists like Duran Duran, David Bowie, Green Day, and the Ramones to name a few. There is also more current progressive music with some hip hop from time to time according to the Saratogian. The Misfit has a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights and will